I am a psychologist, coach, leadership consultant, international trainer. For the last 20 years Iíve worked with individuals and organizations, supporting them through the process of change. I have benefited and grown personally and professionally from studying in different continents, working with a variety of personal issues, in different organizational cultures on a range of issues.
I'm inspired by human relationships, learning how others can lead us to understand ourselves, encourage us to grow, change and develop personal qualities, so we can deal with diversity within ourselves and in the word.
My first research topic in the field of psychology was the relationship between a mother and a newborn. The relationship theme continued in my book, "Relationship Alchemy," which focussed on couples and was released in 2010. In these days I am passionate about exploring the topic of power in leadership.

Individually I help clients with relationship problems, crises, changes, conflicts, choice and goal issues in personal and professional life. I also work with physical symptoms and illnesses, addictions, moods and different emotional states.

For teams and organizations I lead seminars and trainings on conflict, group dynamics, leadership and power, stress and burnout, health, motivation, collaboration, change management, performance feedback, and personal development, diversity.

I work as a facilitator on a spot, helping groups to deal with a range of challenges as they arise.

I work in English, Russian, Estonian languages and sessions can be arranged in person and by Skype.

Stepping into Power Consciously
Process Work