3 days leadership training with Viktoria Saat and Arita Featherstone
In Pärnu, September 8. – 10. 2016.

We all have our individual power patterns which are influenced by our personality and the positions we hold in organizations and society. Do we abuse or misuse our power sometimes because of our personality, situation and rank? Well, yes. Without understanding our power pattern and opportunities to reflect, we often abuse or misuse our power without even being aware of it.

We invite you to an intensive 3 days training to work with your own, unique power pattern.

As a result of the training, you will empower yourself through:

• gaining a thorough understanding of how the anatomy of power works for developing healthy relationships in all social contexts;

• becoming aware of the potential of your own ranks and personality, and discovering your relationships with your power;

• gaining a better understanding of how your behaviour affects the people you lead;

• learning and practicing to apply Deep Democracy concepts for managing difficult relationship situations and working with human diversity;

• discovering aspects of your inner world and understanding how your inner world and outer world events are connected;

• learning new leadership meta-skills which are necessary to work with people in a fast-changing environment, developing your ability to “sit in the fire”;

• meeting new people, learning from their diverse experiences and working with your job situations.

Who should attend? Leaders who wish to empower themselves through understanding their power patterns and learning to apply them wisely and healthily.

What to expect: numerous counter-intuitive insights and plenty of inner and outer work in a small group setting (group size from 12 – 16 people). In order to achieve an atmosphere of maximum productivity, we will ensure that participants come from mutually non-competitive organisations. In case applicants from competitive businesses will apply, we will follow the principle of first come, first serve.

Price for 3 days training, per person: EUR 1000 (+EE VAT for EE residents. LV residents VAT free).
Seminar price also includes one 1:1 post-seminar Skype session with Viktoria or Arita, coffee breaks during seminar and lunches.

Travel costs and accommodation are at your own expense. Suitable accommodation suggestions will be provided after registration.

Language: English

Training will start on September 8th at 11.00 and will end on September 10th at 16.00.

To sign up, please contact: arita@featherstone.lv or viktoria@viktoriasaat.ee

Stepping into Power Consciously
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